Sailors' Spree

Some came by taxi or subway, others on foot. Some walked by themselves, while others were carried in by groggy-looking parents and grandparents. But whatever their transportation, most of the audience that attended Inside Broadway's Saturday-morning performance of On the Town giggled with delight at a show pared down to match their own unique attention spans, found in the highly active but highly distracted minds of children. This 50-minute production is the perfect Saturday-morning treat for young audiences. With bright colors, high-energy performances, simplified dialogue, and charming characters, the show is an ideal way to introduce youngsters to theatergoing as an interactive experience between performer and audience, compared with the more passive experience of watching TV.

Inside Broadway facilitates this process before the production begins, providing each young patron with a playbill "Study Buddy." This colorful publication features a word find, a crossword puzzle, trivia, and facts about New York and the events surrounding the show, as well as a "Critics Corner" inviting children to write their own reviews.

The show centers on three sailor friends

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