The Incredible Journey

O Canada, the new home and native land for all things artistic. First we became dependent on you for our movies (funny how much Toronto looks like New York and L.A.), then our music (Montreal, where were you during the boy band era?), and now you increase our dependency by offering up great theater. Do you happen to have any cheap oil up there as well? Pith!, an adventurous tale about letting go, comes to us from Edmonton, Alberta, which, judging by the stellar cast and script, may very well be the next hotbed for the dramatic arts. Expertly written by Stewart Lemoine, Pith! follows Jack Vail, a traveling sailor who drops anchor in Providence, R.I., just long enough to help a grieving widow come to terms with the fact that her missing husband will never return.

Jack's form of therapy is not recommended for the faint of heart. Travel is a must, and dangerous situations

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