Deadly Games

The cloudy difference between fantasy and reality is the subject of Jeff Tabnick's new play, I Found Her Tied to My Bed, an hourlong one-act about the fine line between true romantic love and ritualistic murder. Lounging around a set dominated by nothing more than a large bed, two young female roommates play games of love and death, pressing each other's buttons until they have no choice but to make their fantasies a reality or look elsewhere for someone to share the rent with. This spare but affecting production, playing every Wednesday night at Under St. Mark's until the end of the month, examines a not-so-healthy relationship between two roommates, sometime lovers, and occasional murder accomplices.

"I'm not a lesbian. I'm a killer," says Jan (played by the severe Shannon Kirk), a rebellious nurse at a retirement facility, who has taken to amusing herself at work by speeding up the turnover rate at the facility's critical wing. A pair of damp cloths her only tool, she views herself as something between an avenging angel and an agent of mercy, killing in a seeming act of euthanasia only the sickest patients

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