Before the Eviction

The mythical Second Avenue subway has finally come into being. But the line is set to run right through the apartment of three young people living together on the outskirts of Harlem. ...A Matter of Choice chronicles the conflict that arises between the roommates as they face their inevitable eviction. The occupants of the apartment are an unlikely trio. Diggs, a white boy who grew up seven blocks from where they currently reside, is a direction-less, pot-smoking ex-messenger who endlessly defends his recent promotion to head of the mailroom. Chastity (Sarah Hayon) is a no-nonsense Latina girl and a loner (whether by choice or by circumstance is essentially the crux of her character development). Webb (Nyambi Nyambi) is an educated, gay black man involved in a tumultuous relationship with his boyfriend Michael (John Summerour).

Despite their differences, they are extremely close

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