Drop Fifteen for Drop Six - It's Worth It

In Drop Six: Mr. Lucky a dynamic group of young comedians called "Drop Six" use music as a vehicle for storytelling. The show is comprised of a number of sketches that rely heavily on the juxtaposition of sound and action, using irony to emphasize the comedic nature of a situation. For instance, in one sketch, Gnarls Barkley’s "Crazy" blasts over the sound system to suggest that the barren stage has transformed into a hip club. Enter three young nerdy men who try their best to get jiggy, but to no avail. Of course, a nerdy girl emerges midway through the scene and looks slightly disappointed by her prospects. Though not an entirely original sketch, the performers, Marcus Bonnee, Alicia Levy, Rodney Umble, and Tim Girrbach commit to their personas with such gusto that viewers forgive them for offering a cheap laugh. In another sketch a young man finds himself face to face with a beautiful mermaid while Chris Isaak’s "Wicked Game" blares in the background. The story, which is completely pantomimed, details the young man’s infatuation with the finned femme and eventual realization that he cannot teach a mermaid how to walk. Alicia Levy, the token female in the collective, tries her best to shuffle along with her two-legged suitor and elicits plenty of chuckles in the process.

Many of the sketches in Mr. Lucky build upon one another, although some do not. The lack of complete continuity does not diminish the quality of the performance but may bother viewers who prefer to see loose ends tied up by the end of a show. Overall, Drop Six: Mr. Lucky is entertaining and is no doubt one of the better shows in the Fringe this year.

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