Give Me an Occupation...Now Give Me a Location...

One of the beauties of theater is the feeling that anything can happen on any given evening, making every performance night a smidge different from the nights before and certainly the nights to come. Consider that on this particular evening you have tickets to see Noo Yawk Tawk, an improvisational troupe working for two years under the direction of Richmond Shepard, and feel satisfied that there will be no other night quite like this one. This past Friday night I trotted down to Dillon's to take in the 10:40 show. The audience was not huge, and I wondered, even in the city that never sleeps, if perhaps 10:40 was too late for theater. This type of show is quite dependent on the audience. It is set up in skits that have a particular structure but garner specific details from audience members.

For example, the first skit was named Lecture. Two troupe members take center stage and, after getting a topic from the audience, proceed to give a lecture on that topic. One begins the lecture

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