A Good Buzz

A great deal of art intended for children is best left unexamined by adult sensibilities, as anyone who's watched a self-appointed guardian of moral or social conscience disappear down such a slippery slope knows. (Exhibit A: Jerry Falwell looking deep into the sexual agenda of the Teletubbies.) Still, it's hard to resist scratching beneath the surface of the puppet show The Adventures of Maya the Bee, now entering its sixth season at the Culture Project. The central conceit is something every kid can relate to: shirking your chores to play in the wonderful world around you. The unusually inquisitive (for a worker bee) Maya is born into the hive at the show's opening, quickly decides that collecting pollen doesn't scratch her traveler's itch, and flexes her wings in search of points unknown. Over the course of her three-day jaunt, she comes face to face with various insects of both pond and meadow

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