Swiping Sizes

"Do not go gentle into that good night. Go thin." Flirting with metaphors, chewing up euphemisms, tongue set firmly in cheek, Margaux Laskey pulls out all the stops in size ate, a one-woman show that is part confessional, part stand-up comedy, part musical, and, unfortunately, part confusion. Born to a professional linebacker father who was rewarded for one type of body (big and strong) and a model-like mother who was rewarded for another (petite and demure), Laskey grew up with conflicting messages about her body. She has been every imaginable size, she tells us, and she has the history of diets, anorexia, and emotional baggage to prove it.

As her sweetly cheeky title suggests, Laskey wants to combat the fiction of "perfect" size in our culture. Set designer Julie Walker has wisely provided Laskey with nine mannequin torsos (labeled in even-numbered sizes from 0 to 16), which, under Steven McElroy's direction, strongly illustrate Laskey's rhetoric. Laskey lugs the mannequins into various configurations

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