For the Love of God

To update one of the best-known stories from the Bible is to run the risk of alienating all sorts of groups: strict constructionists who feel these stories need no adaptation; audience members looking for something fresh to watch rather than stories they have already read in Sunday school; and those who prefer their theater fare on the lighter side, not weighed down by allegory. That Working Man's Clothes's production of Bekah Brunstetter's To Nineveh is an accessible, let alone engaging, work is a miracle worthy of the play's source material. Nineveh is a modern-day amalgam of several Old Testament stories, and while the character names include Delilah and Jonah, the crux of the plot focuses on the plight of Isaac (Roy Miller), a successful lawyer, and Rebekah (Ellen David), his Sunday school teacher wife. Isaac favors his hotheaded son Esau (Jared Culverhouse), who has followed in his career footsteps, while Rebekah is loyal to the more sensitive Jacob (Paul Fears), a music student and a closeted homosexual who has just taken up with his professor, Jonah (David Carr-Berry).

There is one other integral relationship

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