The postcard for Off the Leesh Productions's Belly advertises, "She'll make you laugh, she'll make you cry, she'll make you forget yourself." This is no empty promise. Belly delivers. This one-woman show presents one hour in the life of Frannie, an obsessive-compulsive housewife who, despite her obvious quirks, is not much different from the rest of us. With a soft spot for the wondrousness of Hostess cupcakes and a disinclination for the bleakness of cubicle life, Frannie could be an American Everywoman. Except that she can't even remember what the weather was like the last time she ventured outside her house.

As Frannie awaits her husband Barry's return from work, she fills her days with housework, her only human interaction a harmless through-the-mail-slot flirtation with the postman. Then one day she enters her living room to find it filled with surprise houseguests

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