Eat the Taste? Don't Mind If I Do!

Several times during Eat the Taste, I seriously contemplated yelling, "Is there a doctor in the house?" The Barrow Street Theater should consider adding some sort of emergency medical technician to their staff, in addition to ticket-takers and ushers; there is, a very real possibility that, at the end of Eat the Taste, your gut will be busted and your sides permanently split from laughing too hard.

Eat the Taste is the latest venture by playwright Greg Kotis, who wrote the book and co-wrote the lyrics for the Tony Award-winning musical Urinetown. It stars Mr. Kotis and his writing partner, composer Mark Hollmann, as themselves. It takes place several years in the future, at the end of a second Bush administration, as three agents of the Department of Homeland Security and Attorney General John Ashcroft

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