Late-Night Channel Surfing

Can three misplaced Ohio girls handle the pressures of being part of "the young and the horny"? Will Jerome's brother be able to accept two revelations in one night? And can Arnold Schecter keep Sally in Passaic, N.J., when a Martian prince comes calling? Find out tonight in a late-night-TV channel-surfing pleasure appropriately titled Incredible Sex, a trio of one-act comedies from the Foolish Theatre Company. Channel 1: HBO. Kim, Marge, and Charlene catch up on the previous night's gossip during their sexy vacation to Key West. It's Sex and the City in a steamier setting with a younger group of girlfriends and no towering skyline. The cast of Women in Heat includes a no-holds-barred "Samantha" (Charlene), a very private "Charlotte" (Marge), and the ever-conflicted "Carrie" (a post-coital Kim).

The similarities to Sex and the City are abundant: Charlene's belief that God gave us sex because "you can only tan in daylight, so here's something to do at night"; recaps of raucous romps; and overuse of words like "pussy," "threesome," and "anatomically correct blow-up doll." However, I can't remember the last time the Manhattan-dwelling foursome let the words "Bible camp" slip into their conversations. I guess that's what makes these Ohio girls so darn apologetic about their sexuality. These girls would rather cuddle after sex than get ready for Round Two. Accordingly, an anticlimactic ending leaves the viewer changing the channel rather than staying tuned for scenes from the next episode.

Channel 2: Gay and Lesbian TV Network. The paraplegic Jerome has his brother, Mark, over for a meal to reveal to him that 1) he can cook

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